At the first appointment we need to know a few things about you, nothing scary, just the usual things like name and age, and why you have come to see us. When we know what you would like to have changed, Dr. Savage will have a good look at your teeth and bone structure, talk about your expectations, tell you what is possible, the kind of changes you can expect, the long term implications of having (or not having) treatment, and some idea of the expected treatment costs. After that the choices are yours.

If the problem is only minor, sometimes we can begin work right away, if that is what you want. With more complex problems, we might need to arrange for you to come back and have some x-rays, models and video images made. Quite often, we can print out a colour photo for you, showing your expected appearance with different forms of treatment. If we need these records, we arrange an appointment for you and your family to come and view these and discuss all the implications of the different forms of treatment, and exact costs, so we are all sure that the recommended form of treatment is exactly what you require. Appointments are made when you are ready.

Most people are concerned with cost, and orthodontic treatment can get expensive, but if you do need a complicated form of treatment that will take a long time, the cost is spread out over the time of the treatment, and can be paid monthly, much like repaying a bank loan. We believe that our services offer good value for money, and we follow our patients for some years after active treatment is finished at no additional cost.

Treatment time can vary from a few months for something really simple to more than two years for a really severe problem. Appointments can be up to 10 weeks apart early in treatment and much closer at the end, with an average of six week intervals. If treatment involves braces, retainers are always included as part of the treatment, usually a gold wire bonded behind the bottom front teeth, and a clear plastic plate for top teeth. If the teeth were very out of place originally, night time wear of retainers will need to be for an indefinite period.